Gurgaon Games

Gurgaon's first multi-sport, multi-age sports tournament

Gurgaon Games is an initiative by Sports Maidan to get everyone to participate and bond over sports. Gurgaon will participate irrespective of age, caste, social status as ONE.







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People Behind Initiative

With so much sports heritage in the soil of Haryana, the millennium city was awaiting for a true sports rebellion! And here it is - GURGOAN GAMES 2020 – A one-of-its-kind Sports and Games initiative. With real comradery & sportsmanship spirit, blended in its tournament structure, every Gurgaon resident, across demographics like age, gender or social strata, will get to participate in sports of their choice accompanied with lot of fun. While there will be a Virat in the boy in Sector 48 looking out to make a 100, there will be a Mary Kom on Golfcourse road waiting to punch someone down in the ring


A successful team beats with one heart

MG Phoenix

We are the heart of the city. We have seen the transformation from mills to malls. We are used to seeing destruction, so don’t forget to wear your safety guards before facing us. Our soul holds in its breath many stories of our undying grit, passion and continuous transformation. We will surely inspire you but good luck in trying to beat us! We play with our heart and soul but only to win. Chalo, Aao Sports Maidan pe!

Sultanpur Lions

We are best described by the place we live in. Famous for our spread of flora & fauna, you might find us quiet and relaxed until we get in it to win it. Beware! We are the kings of deception. We are not the underdogs you can ignore. We are the silence before the storm you should be prepared for. We won’t make noise on our arrival but you will see us with the trophy soon. Goonj aur Garaj!

IFFCO Titans

The Titans are known for surprise attacks! We are a group who are ready for any sporting challenge. You know we are prepared to attack with not just the traditional ways. We may seem to be a bit far but we are the gateway to many exciting places, forts and mountains. And as much as it could be a task to conquer the mountains, beware people! We are challenging if not more! Ho jao thoda frighten, Kyunki aa rahe hai Titans!

Sheetla Silver Hawks

With the Devi on our side, We are experts in warfare! Our advancement in every field combined with courage is enough for you to know what you are standing against. We house firm belief & conviction. Our sense of being on the top of our game might make the opponent uncomfortable but we believe in equal chances if not skills. We are waiting for you. Shraddha, Sachhai aur shaan!

Sohna Wild Cats

We are the ones who will knock you down in no time. Our instincts are as sharp as that of the kings if the jungle whom we have sprawling in our territory. We may look relaxed but we are always on the hunt. You will soon see our swiftness and hunting skills on the court. You are just a game for us. Just a game. We know the results but we are always ready for game. Dur hai, par hai ‘Daler’

Palam Red Wings

Like the long & narrow wings of an Albatross, we the Palam Red Wings, like to dominate in every field of life. Be it education or industry, we always have the best to deliver. Sport is no different, with a long list of our heavy-duty players waiting to dominate Gurgaon Games and entertain everybody with our fearless style and sheer talent. We play fearlessly. Hum hai Khatron ke Khiladi!

Manesar Hustlers

Welcome to the original ground of Dangal! We take pride in conquering the waves and creating some too. Our habitat is like a sanctuary for sports fans. Our passion for sports is above all and you will see it when we shine at the Gurgaon Games. It is either our way or the Highway!

Aravali Avengers

We are the Avengers! We have the best of both worlds. The lanes that lead to our roots and the other contemporary side that triggers creativity and love in everyone’s heart. We fight like Avengers and are ready for the battle at the Gurgaon Games. We know the art of fighting. Avengers Assemble!


A successful team beats with one heart


The clock’s job is to tick, your job is to beat it.


Let’s make the bird fly.


Stand tall, talk small, play ball.


A sport for all ages.


It's not only about Queen.


Always Protect your Queen.


My Goal is to Stop Yours.


Go Invincible, Knock'em down.


It takes 34 muscles to frown but only 4 to punch.

Table Tennis

Let's Ping Pong.

Lawn Tennis

Serve em up, slam em down.


Protecting yourself is self defense. Protecting others is warriorship.


Stretch Out the Stress.


Net Results are Awesome.


Swing into action.


United we play, United we win.


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Kiran More

India’s legendery Wicket Keeper Batsman, currently associated with BCCI National Cricket Academy and currently with Mumbai Indians. In the past, he held the position Chairman of selection committee of the BCCI


Sakshi Mandhyan

Recently awarded as one of the "51 most fabulous global leaders for happiness" by the World HRD Congress, Sakshi Mandhyan is a Psychologist and a Happiness Coach for fortune 500 firms.

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